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Wholesale Policies

The purchase of our products is just the beginning of a long-lasting relationship with our stockists. If you need us for any reason please reach out to us. In the meantime, we've put together a little list of policies to lay some ground rules in hopes of creating a supportive foundation. 

♥ We Promise ♥

- High quality handmade pieces made with the finest materials we can source.

- Open door policy and super quick response time to any and all inquiries


♥ Terms Of Wholesale Use ♥

-  Initial Stock promo codes can only be used on the initial stock order. The discount applies for any number of pieces, but they all must be different. The idea is to help you build your stock at a much lower investment and we're happy to offer that opportunity.

- Kindness. We're in a happy industry and like to keep the mood as such. This is weddings, people. We're not saving the world but the work we all do and contribute to this process is important and of value. So let's respect each other as the wedding pros we are. The end goal is a happy, beautiful bride and we promise to do our part to get her there. 


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